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History of The labels

The founder name of the labels store is Halis Bin Daud, his age is 31 years old and have SPM certificate. The idea to open The Labels is from enjoying selling local product starting from Bazar Karat Johor Bahru on 2011, then after having enough profit he rent a store which is just nearby form Bazar Karat. Then he named the store as The Labels, which is officially lunching on 2012. By using his own capital to open the store. Then after the sales grows increasingly day by day he start to open another brunch which is located in Shah Alam, in 2013. Thus, the specialities of this shop is the quality of the product by focusing on material on each of the product they sold. Which it is the topes brand in Malaysia and Indonesia. That is popular and be worn by Asian artist.

The picture of The labels shop


They produce variety types of street wear from local brand of Asian which is from Malaysian and Indonesian brand such as t-shirt, bags, pants, wallet, accessories, cap or snapback and footwear. These are some the product that they sells at their store.

Value position that special of the shop

- Make sale for all the customer on month of Ramadhan eve every year.
- Sell street wear and skate wear
- Local product from of Asian form Malaysian and Indonesian
- Excellent services and high grade quality of product
- The price is affordable for all kind of customer which include student.
- New and copy original product
- Ready stock item

Disadvantage of the shop

-          Only sold street kind of wear
-          Catch male attraction, there are female buyers also but it is lack of interaction from them.
-          If  making order through online, postage will be charged
-          Will take days to wait the parcel to arrive

Contact number
Johor Bahru brunch: Halis +60197086851
Shah Alam brunch: Elip +60108237692

Address of The Labels store
Johor Bahru brunch: No. 21, Jalan Dhoby Bandar Johor Bahru 80000 Johor
Shah Alam brunch: No. 18A (Aras 2), Jalan Plumbum N7/N, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, 40000 Selangor.

Business hours
Open on Tuesday until Sunday, which is closed on Monday
Operation hours is on 3 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Most popular item
The most popular item that the store had sold: T-shirt form the local brand named Badger and Wadezig.

Product discription: the quality of the product is high grade product and suitable for Malaysian weather which is made by cotton. It is always running out of stock thus of the popular brand that attract customers to buy it. By using an #BADGER and #WADEZIG is much more easier for customer to searching for the item fastly.
Range price:  from RM55 until RM79
                                                                     Badger T-shirt: 

                                                                       Wadezig sweater:


In Johor Bahru they did not open any vendor for any event, while for Shah Alam brunch they will open vendor for any event. On Instagram or Facebook they will tell us when they will restock their product, when are they having sales or promotion, and what are the new item that had arrived.
Online sales on instagram and facebook
For Instagram: thelabelstore
For Facebook: thelabelsclothing
Link for facebook:

Opinion of the shop

-          Based on our opinion from The Labels shop it is quite a good store for the customer such as teenagers or for the people who attract and have the MINATTT for wearing a street wear. The price of the product that they sold is also suitable for all range of age which is from student and for the people who are working. The quality of the product also is a high rate of material which it suitable for weather in Malaysia. Thus, the brand is also popular on these days so customer are willing to buy. Customers also will be satisfied with the quality of the product and the price is also suitable with the product.   

-          This is one of our group member with the founder of The Labels.


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