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BEVC  is a apparel store/ workspace/ café that located in the johor bahru which is one of the famous place to hangout for a good coffee and a place that full of creativity. Beverly the founder and the designer running her own boutique cum salon TGND, the girl next door for years which is sells clothes and accessories. In 2014, Beverly had launched her own apparel store BEV C with her partner, Cally.
Origin of the name BEVC, is pioneered by Beverly, (bev) and cally © , which is derived from the duo’s initials. BEVC design is a described as ‘monochromatic with a strong focus on the minimalist look with hints of the androgynous bend’. Its offers women’s and men’s minimalist fashion with the unique accessories that could make your looks are one of the kind.
The first collection was consists of the twelve looks with the introduction of the clothing line itself in the fashion industry. Experimenting with the unique cutting of designs and the basic elements of black, grey and white which is expressing male female multifaceted personalities. the first collection got the attention of people like bloggers and the followers of local fashion industry and The BEVC  got bolder in the next collection as they different from the existing ones.
Offering the unique cut and edgy designs, BEVC sets their price range at the relevant by its uniqueness. With the slogan “own your style or stay naked” the BEVC have influence the people to  experiment with fashion and to not afraid of trying a bold design.

The most popular items sold at the BEVC.

A designer handmade accessories . House brand by BEV C. these items is known as things in life in BEVC collection, were limited and exclusive The shoes collection is known as STEP BY STEP.

The price range: rm 199-rm 699


BEVC team are known as a fashion people in the town and many people in fashion industry and also famous bloggers will make a stop at BEVC if they in johor bahru.  located at the heart of town, BEVC become the attraction of people who interested in fashion or the people who are café hunting in the city. As the local designer, they set a new level in the fashion industry in johor bahru and influencing the growth of the hipster and a minimalist  fashion in the city.. The  BEVC offering the unique cut and edgy design in their collection, which is promising that your look will be one of the kind and fashion  forward. The edginess od the designs and the minimalist looks of the BEVC team attracts the people  to come to the apparel store.The staffs are friendly and welcoming  the customers and they communicating with the people who come to the BEVC. If you do happen to be around the johor bahru, drop by  at the BEV C  and check the place put yourself. We  promising that you will not regret to visiting the apparel store. Bev C is a space that allows its founders to express their creativity through fashion design and crafting beverages. Holding on to the philosophy of 'finding' rather than 'following' trends blindly, the dynamic duo aims to inspire more people to shape their own fashion sense and style.
Bev C is mainly sold at the store located at 54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000, Johor Bahru. But just recently, they made it possible for the general public to make online orders. To be closer with the customer they also have a facebook, instagram account. You also can get the collection through the


Bev C Cafe @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee Add: 54, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor.


Tel : 07-221 3530
Business Hour : 12pm - 11pm (Tues-sun) - Monday closed

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